IE 6.0 problems - help!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ryusan, Jun 3, 2002.

  1. ryusan

    ryusan Guest

    when i click on the image map in the iframe it opens up a new window instead. i think this happened when i installed the IE6.0 security update and messed things up. i just even reinstalled winxp again..

    so how do i remove my previously installed updates :/
    this is really bugging me, plz help. i checked the link before i did any updates and it was working.
  2. mbunny

    mbunny Guest

    Ultimate guide to fixing Internet Explorer problems. STOP USING IT!!!

    Use MoZilla or Opera... they are far more superior than IE...

    Go for Mozilla cause its a great browser =)
  3. ryusan

    ryusan Guest

    -thank you mbunny, i have d/l mozilla.. :)