IDE Master or Slave??

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by stuy_b, Feb 12, 2002.

  1. stuy_b

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    I've just got my mits on an ATA133 controller card, for my new Maxtor d740x HDD.

    My Question is this..

    The ATA controller card still allows the use of my older on-board ATA controller at the same time giving a possible of 8 ATAPI drives.

    I have the following ATAPI devices:

    Panasonic DVD CD-ROM drive
    HP 8200a CDRW drive
    Maxtor D740X HDD

    Would setting all 3 devices as MASTER cause any improvement (one on motherboard controller, two on the ATA133 controller card-has 2 ports like motherboard) or will this cause problems.?


    One of my onboard controllers is fuked!.. gives only PI0!!!!..dunno what happened! so I only can have 2 ATAPI devices running off my motheroard instead of 4.

    Any advice please

  2. stapler101

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    Are the ide's enabled in your bios?
    I have a board with 4 ide ports. I have hhd, cd, and burner all set to master on 3 of the 4 ide's.
  3. Bytes Back

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    I can see no problem doing that as such, until you come to reinstall xp, you may have trouble finding the cd roms.
  4. stuy_b

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    Thanks for the advice guys, I've set all my drives as Master now, and have just finished XP install.

    I am now greeted with my first time to phone up MS and register, says I've reinstalled too many times, I need a NEW key no!!!


    Stuy B