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    i just recently formatted and reinstalled XP. my cdrw (plextor 24x) and DVD drive had no porblems with my old XP installation. now, my problem is, when i change cd's or dvd's, it doesnt update when i click on my computer. so if i'm playing gta3 and i take the cd out, it still says gta3. also, i just updates my 4 in 1 drivers and my cdrw buffer read goes from 90% down to 1% and back and forth and it slows down my machine. it never did this on my previous install! i did have this problem in the beginning of the new installation, but fixed it with the xp burning patch and a cdrw firmware upgrade. once i installed the new 4 in 1 drivers, it all went to hell.
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    Microsoft article is here.
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    refreshing doesn't do a thing. the more important issue is my burning issue. thanks for the info.
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    in case this happens to anyone else i solved both issues by reinstalling the primary and secondary IDE drivers.
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    Same problem...same fix.