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    Ok, I HAD an external firewire drive that I put together myself with an IDE to firewire external case. After moving my computer around yesterday and booting up, this drive was no longer recongnized by my computer. I tried switching the cable ends and changing ports on the back of the drive (as has worked in the past) and nothing. So... I am wanting to make this an internal drive. However BOTH of my IDE controllers on my motherboard are used. The primary by my hard drive and zip 250 drive and the second by my CD-RW and DVD drive. My question is can I use an IDE card to add more drives to my system and, what would you guys recommend for the brand? I think an IDE controller will cost me less than to purchase a new firewire case.
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    Promise FastTrak controllers are nice

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    yeah, any ide controller... whatever has the features you like (speed, raid, etc)

    but i'm pretty sure it's only recommended to have harddrives connected to them... not zip or optical drives.
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    I picked up a Promise. Funny that you would recommend it. It's the only thing Staples carries. *L* Thanks!
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    BTW, the intent of the controller was for a hard drive, nothing else.