IDE cable speed testing

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    I have a bunch of IDE cables, but how can you tell if they are ATA/33, 66, 100, or 133 cables? All my IDE devices are 133 and I want to make sure I get the full performance out of them. Also, how can I tell that my devices are in fact operating at ATA/133 as opposed to ATA/100, 66, or 33?
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    No test just look.

    Slow cables only have 40 wires. They are softer and bend easier.

    Fast cables have 80 wires, are stiff and bend at sharp angles.
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    right, there are only two different types. 40-conductor (ata33) and 80-conductor (ata66 and higher). check out this post to identify your cables.

    then, to check what speed your drives are running at, look at your ide controller in device manager, find which channel it's on, and go it's properties, 'advanced' tab.


    Mode 1 - 16.67mb/sec
    Mode 2 - 33
    Mode 3 - 50
    Mode 4 - 66.67
    Mode 5 - 100
    Mode 6 - 133