ICS with WinXP and WinME

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Streamer, Mar 8, 2002.

  1. Streamer

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    Setup is:

    One hub
    1 PC with XP
    1 PC with WinMe
    Dsl with PPoE
    1 Firewall

    WinXP is the host pc with the internet connection. Dsl is plugged into the XP machine. Dynamic IP addressing.

    WinXP is using the built in XP firewall.

    Second NIC card from XP plugs into the hub

    From the hub there is a cable from the hub to the WinMe machine.

    I ran Netwrok setup wizard to enable ICS.

    Second PC is able to get out onto the internet with the exception of a few sites. Examples of these sites are

    Logging into yahoo mail

    I have been unable to determine what the common denominator is with these sites. When I try to connect to these sites, the Internet explorer browser shows that it has contacted the site and the blue progress bar creeps ever so slowly....but never reaching the point to display the internet page. No page errors, just blank.

    I have been trying to configure all that I can with this, and now I give up. So I ask the people here if they have had such a problem and/or what I might do to correct this problem.

    Many thanx :)

    I forgot to mention that this site is also unreachable from the second pc. Makes no sense to me :(
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    strange -

    can you ping the site from the second PC

    If so it sounds like some scripting (blocking) issue - the common denominator may be a Java script or some script on each of the sites.

    If you have all the windows Updates on the PC, go into internet options click security tab then trusted sites then sites button

    Untick Require server verification and then add

    http://www.xp-erience.org as a trusted site then try it :)

    if that works ok go to internet zone and click "Default Level"
  3. Streamer

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    wow..good timing actually. I just got it fixed finally. Interesting too. I was browsing thru the Microsoft message board and came across somebody with a very similar situation. Turns out it was the actual ppoe connection/adapter that was giving me the problem. They suggested moving over to rasppoe dialer instead. Low and behold..it worked. Works real nice now too. So this is one to tuck away in the ole memory banks. Lesson learned.