ICS with win98 & XP

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  1. right i have an issue with ICS, it used to work, untill i recently built my own machine, and handed down my old one, we replaced the p100 on our network with my pIII 600 and then my amd1800+ as the ICS server.

    Well anyway, it started off fine, all the network worked, bar the ICS which has happened b4, so i removed all the protocols and devices (network) and rebooted installed them all and the network worked, and still no ICS i then changed the IP of the 600 and rebooted, then nothing works (network) If i remove and add them all the network still fails.

    Any solutions>

    pIII 600 has win 98

    amd 1800+ has winxp

    This config used to work, why not now
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    The main connection to the internet must be delacred as a shared device. Then you need to run the "Set up a home or small office network" wizard from the Network Places icon on the desktop. All the necessary settings should be taken care of automatically.

    You should have TCP/IP installed and bound to your connection device. Depending on what you plan to do, some people also install NetBEUI, IPS/SPX and so on. If you plan on using Direct Connect, then IPX/SPX is a must for duplicate naming.