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    I've got 3 comps including this one with XP(SP 2)
    'n 98SE(without any updates) on the other two.XP is connected to
    cable internet.So I've got 2 NIC on this machine since this is the ICS
    host computer.

    However, I cannot share the internet
    using the network setup wizard or manually
    but I can share the files 'n printer.
    Im using the standard patch cables with RJ45
    connectors along with a switch to connect
    the comps on LAN.

    I've tried some online tutorials but they are somewhat
    different than one another and never really helped me

    This is what I've done till now.
    First of all I've renamed the two Local Area Connections in
    My Network Places to LAN(for local network) and WAN(for Internet)

    For the NIC that is connected to the internet the TCP/IP
    parameters are provided by the ISP.In the General tab of WAN following
    things are installed:
    1)Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)
    2)Client for Microsoft Networks
    3)File and Printer sharing for Microsoft Networks

    Then in the Properties>Advanced tab of WAN I enabled "Allow other
    network users to connect thru this computers internet connection" as
    well as "Allow other network users to control or disable the shared
    internet connection".

    The General tab of the LAN properties also got the same 3 things
    installed with the IP as 'n Subnet

    For the other 2 pcs I've set the IP addresses to be obtained
    automatically.All the pcs got the same workgroup name.

    The other PC got the IP 'n subnet automatically
    so it could not ping

    Therefore I changed the IP of the other pc to 'n
    subnet to
    Also I put in in the gateway.I was then able to ping to perfectly but still cudnt share the internet.

    Are any settings still left?

    Plz help.
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    I think you have to bridge the two networks in network set up on the XP machine. Go to healp and search for "create network bridge". I would expect the ICS wizard to do this automatically but this is M$ we're talking about...
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    No no, no bridging.

    Sounds more to me that you're having a problem with basic network connectivity rather than ICS itself. Since it can't pick up on DHCP or even connect with static IP it sounds like the problem is further down. Does anything work with ICS off and both LAN cards set to static IPs? Does the switch pass the traffic correctly (i.e. do the lamps blink right)?
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    hey buddy the probs solved actually i forgot to put in
    dns info. hehe how dumb of me

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    yeah happens to the best of us!