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    Here's an interesting article about ICQ. Go Here.
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    Ok, now that I read that information (thanks for the info and heads up!), this DOESN'T happen when using Trillian right? Because it is only "acting" as a ICQ or AIM source?
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    i hate the word "proggy"
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    Thanx for the info....:)
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    Naa, it wouldn't happen with Trillian.
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    i am now glad i decided not to use icq, cause i don't want to hassle with it, but i would have to agree with dotbatman, i hate the word proggy.......
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    Another tip re: ICQ hidden server

    Rename icqsrp.exe to something like icqsrp.ex that way it can't start at all - I did it and ICQ still works fine. Then if you want you can also remove all the ad - banners etc. just do a search on google -- ICQ banners or removing ICQ banners / ads. I've done this and ICQ still works great, but is secure and banner free.