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    I know there was some speculation concerning the inclusion of an outbound packet filter in the built-in ICF when SP2 is released (Hehe...dealer even wished for sandboxing), but as per this article on MSDN, it doesn't seem like there's going to be any such change.

    As far as I can see, there are improvements to the inbound filter, and the fact that ICF will be enabled by default.

    Not that I'm too bothered. Perfectly content with Kerio for now, but I thought an outbound filter would have been a nice addition to ICF.
    Your thoughts?

    (By the way, the article is a nice overview of some of the major changes in SP2, not just the changes to ICF, so check it out if you're interested)
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    A outbound filter would be good, purely so that the masses have protection enabled by default.

    We shall see what comes in SP2. The exact contents is always under doubt but it will be a good SP with some nice new changes not least those outlined in that article.
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    I agree...people who keep a close eye on their computers have the choice to turn it on or off anyway.

    People who don't understand their computers (like the ones who refer to the monitor as "the computer" and the computer as "the box") will stop showing up on the firewall logs of the people that do.