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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by geoff_uk, Jun 11, 2002.

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    I have an IBM colour flatbed scanner, a par/port attached job. Tried to get this working on my new XP system using the last available drivers from IBM but no joy. Do par/port scanners work under XP?
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    Check your parallel port settings are set to ECP/EPP 1.9

    SPP- is standard and default parallel port mode, which is more than likely how yours is set now.

    Goto the BIOS and change to ECP/EPP 1.9
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    Ah yes, forgot about the port mode - cheers - Set it to EPP and it now works (and the daisy chained printer (epson 640) still works)

    (amazing how you forget the basics when you get your head into a new O/S ;) )

    For info if anyone wants to know, the IBM Flatbed colour scanner
    works on XP with the sca6 drivers and port set to EPP mode. The scan button set up now has some funny quirks about programme groups and cant really be used, but any graphics editing app can aquire the scanner using twain32
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    Glad to help m8 :D