I was able to access Neowin earlier tonight, is it down again?

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by nysaga, Aug 24, 2002.

  1. nysaga

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    i got on at 9pm ET...now it's 11:30 and the site is gone..

    is it only me?
  2. Jewelzz

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    They have been having problems for the last few days. They were up earlier but went down again, all I can say is keep trying. You can visit them on IRC
    Server: dalnet
    Channel: neowinchat
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    Some of you will undoubtedly know me from over at Neowin.net.
    Basically, the story is this and while I am here I shall settle the rumours flying around.

    First, neowin was not hacked. The server was not compromised in any way at all. No data was lost; pages were not defaced etc...

    Second, neowin was not Ddos'd. I do not know who started these rumours, but I can assure you, that is all they are. Had this been true, we would most certainly have known about it. We also would have made this fact been known, if only to have the support of our beloved community. We would not lie about any of this. Those that did go ahead and report on this did so without our permission or even conferring with us for the facts.

    Truth be known, the cause for our downtime was a hardware failure. The neowin server basically fried. The mainboard died, and so needed replacing. Later, the ram and HD were also swapped out. Since then, it has been a matter of getting everything restored. Unfortunately this is taking far longer than anticipated. Neowin.net has come online from time to time, but this by no means says we are back. Right now we are still testing and configuring things so expect a lot to be broken and outages to occur. Once the problems are resolved an official announcement shall be made front page so you will know for sure all is well.

    We all appreciate your support and concern and look forward to being back online shortly.

    Thanks again!

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  5. gonaads

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    Glad to hear it's being fixed and will continue to be around. :)
    And welcome to the [SIZE=+2]XP-erience[/SIZE]. :D

    Hope to hear more from you in the near future.
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    very well said my neowin friend :)
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    thanks for sharing that Keldyn :)
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    There is no point putting up a site unless you know it can stay up, sure when they choose to reactivate it, it will all e ready to go... imagine they have it running already - but they are just checking to make sure things are gonna be ok!
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    hmm... yah... heard some of that stuff... blew it off...

    anywayz... good to hear neowin is still up and around :) - looking forward to its (stable) return :)

    is there any eta on it ?