i think my PC is the devil...

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by IDLE, Jul 10, 2006.

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    OK, for the last 3-4 weeks ive had some conncetion issues. meaning, i loose connection on my network at random times. ahppens alot with online games or just browsing the internet. what i have done to try and fix the problem.

    -I normally use the onboard NIC when this started happening. i then installed a NETGEAR NIC that worked in the past doing the same thing.

    - I have changed Ports on the router (which is a Dlink 520 wireless. i am not wireless)

    - I have changed out 4 different CAT5 cables.

    another weird thing is that if i do loose my interenet connection, i can still see my network and browse with in it.

    ive gone to the point of reinstalling the OS but that didnt help.

    I am running an ASUS K8n mobo.
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    I just went through that same crap with a Linksys WRT54G. Turns out that my router was bad. I tried all ports, new firmware...everything. Nothing worked consistantly until I got a new router...good luck.
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    its just my pc. one laptop and another pc work fine, while my pc keeps lodsing connection. doesntmake any sense
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    have you tried using different ports with the router, or are you using the same port all the time with your pc?

    also have you reinstalled windows since, could be a virus?!

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    I usually reinstall windows to fix problems I can't figure out. Works like a charm.
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    look at the original post again. ive done both of which you mentioned
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    Try this! Does your router have an automatic disconnect set up for say 5mins. If so this may be the problem as this would disconnect you from the internet (maybe a fault with the reconnection facility)but would still allow you to access your network.
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    Try what Michael suggested. Winsock damage is likely since you tried another NIC card.

    The other possibility is a recent upgrade to your firewall or AV software. The winsock repair may fix that damage also.

    PS It's not the PC's that are devils it's the Windows operating system.
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    I could be mis-understanding here but I think it's a bit odd that when your one PC loses connection, it can still access resources on other machines.

    I can see if all of them went down, and pulled in APIPA IP addresses, but if your PC went down and the others are still up, they should have different IP classes and subnets.