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    There were no dialup networking tcp/ip profiles found in your registry.
    Please make sure your dial up adapter is configured to use tcp/ip

    I get this message when I attempt to run ispeed for windows
    Can you tell me what this means & what can I do to make sure my dial up adapter is configured
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    What is "ispeed"?

    Little more info?
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    Des Moines,Ia
    this the read me
    iSpeed for Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0
    Version 2.7.3
    Copyright © 1997-1998, High Mountain Software
    Freeware Release

    - Windows 95, 98 or NT SP3
    - Windows Sockets v2.0+ (Included with Windows 98 and NT SP3.
    For Windows 95, you'll need to have the Windows Sockets 2.0
    update. This is a free download from Microsoft. See the
    iSpeed help file for more details or the online iSpeed FAQ
    at http://www.hms.com/ispeed_faq.htm)
    - Internet connection

    iSpeed is a utility that will help to optimize your networking
    connections - both ethernet and modem (dialup networking). It does
    this by manipulating the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU), Maximum
    Segment Size (MSS), Receive Window (RWIN), Time To Live (TTL), MTU
    Auto Discovert, Black Hole detection and NDI Cachesize. These items
    are relatively undocumented by Microsoft, and fine tuning them can
    have a dramatic effect on your throughput (both positive and negative).

    PLEASE read the help file included with iSpeed as well as to visit
    our web site (URL is above) to view the online FAQ. While we do
    appreciate your comments (and do encourage them), we have a limited
    amount of time for supporting iSpeed as a freeware product, and do
    wish to continue development on other projects (such as SpamEater
    and sMail). However, if you do have a problem that is not answered
    in the help file or online FAQ, please don't hesitate to send email
    to support@hms.com with as detailed as possible explanation of the
    problem you are having, and if possible, the steps necessary to
    take to reproduce the problem. Please provide the exact wording of
    any error messages you might be seeing. You cooperation and patience
    is greatly appreciated.

    Use this program at your own risk. High Mountain Software will not
    be liable for any damage done. That said, this program is safe to
    use and you can easily reset everything to the defaults as provided
    by Microsoft. Note too, that anytime you make changes to the registry,
    you run the risk of making your system unbootable. It is always wise
    to make sure your Emergency Recovery Disk is up to date, and to backup
    your registry files before making any changes to your registry. Please
    see your system documentation for information regarding the making of
    an emergency disk and backing up your registry files.

    Please email your comments and suggestions to support@hms.com. You can
    always find the latest version of this and other High Mtn Software
    applications on our web site at http://www.hms.com.

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    You are currently using dial-up, is that correct? If you are, then TCP/IP should already be installed in order for you to be able to get online. What iSpeed is trying to do is modify some entries in your registry, and it is not finding the registry keys that it needs. I'm not sure why it isn't finding them, but have you checked the Help with the software or on the vendor's website? You can also see that TCP/IP is installed by going to your network connections and looking at the properties of your dial-up connection. If you can't seem to get this program working, you might try a different piece of software. There are many programs available that will make the same changes for you. I'll post links to some later if you'd like.
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    Des Moines,Ia
    thanks all
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    You should try cablenut. Much easier to use.