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  1. Crazy Browser is a powerful Web browser. It provides many features that make surfing the web more comfortable and less confusing. Web pages are organized on tabs to prevent your screen from getting cluttered.

    This has full support for P3P privacy notifications (requires IE6) and JavaScript error suppression. It can handle multiple monitors and has tab status indicators. Annoying ad windows can be removed automatically and multiple pages can be saved and reopened together. Crazy Browser comes with many preconfigured search engines, but you can extend it to use your own.

    Surf the Web at will with this powerful, customizable, easy-to-use browser.


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  2. Carbonize

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    Another great browser is Opera. Created by a norwegian team of programmers.

    This is the browser wich best followes the w3c internet standards for html, javascript, etc...

    The interface is great, a lot of practical functions like for example mouse gestures (once you tried them, you can't live without)

    And, of course it's free. :)

    Get it at www.opera.com
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    I like Opera, and i'm downloading the offering from above. I used to like using Netscape (pre 6.0) but I think that was more of a statement than anything else.

    I must admit tho', Internet Explorer 6.0+ has more than enough flexibility and configurability than i'll ever need, and I feel very comfortable using it.

    ta ta

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    I tryed the free opera, the adds sucked, and probably slowed me down, because ie was definatelly faster...so I won't try it, but they should give an adless trial, for now, I don't buy the claims