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  1. Ok this is for all of you techies out there who are smarter than I am, lol. Ok, I have continuous problems with the taskbar in windows xp disappearing. I found that it was due to some registry corruption of some kind called "stuckrects", and all I would have to do was to delete it, and reboot, and everything else would be fine. Well, the problems that I have is everytime I delete it and reboot, the disappearing taskbar comes back, and I look in the registry, and the "stuckrects" key is there again! Now, how the hell that thing keeps getting back in there is beyond me. I thought once you delete something from the registry that it would be gone forever. How does it keep getting back in there? If anyone can please help me, I would greatly appreciate it. It's beyond me. Thank you.
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    Try this, not sure it will work or not,

    Boot up in safe mode, (press F8 right after the Bios screen, might have to press it more than once), choose safe mode, delete the entry in safe mode, reboot.

    I'm not 100% this will work though. But worth a shot.
  3. hey Iceman, I think it worked! I went into safemode and deleted it, went back into windows and it's not there! Whoo-hoo! Thanks so much for helping me figure it out. It was driving me crazy that I couldn't figure it out. It seems to be working correctly, so I appreciate your help. You are a true-techie, haha. Do you have any idea why it wouldn't delete in windows, but it would in safemode?
  4. oh no!

    after I rebooted the machine again, the stuck rects is back, and for some reason some of my programs have lost their settings. What does that?
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    not the slightest clue. the safe mode boot and delete would have been my recommendation also. i'd think about reinstalling, if its that troublesome.
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    just a thought, maybe you have some weird virus/spyware etc that's messing things up. Do a full virus scan and use adaware.