I need Help with ASPI :((

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by -=SNK=-Vegitto, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. Grrr I Always Try To Install ASPI But it doesnt Work :( !!!!

    can somebody at least tell me what to do :\ To Make my Aspi run with my Windows XP !!!Thank you !!!
  2. jas

    jas Guest

    do a search for CompelWinApsi460-1021_setup.zip and then run that, it will setup apsi for xp
  3. Ok I Install Aspi_470 but when i run ASPICHK i have two version of the files...two of 4.70 version and two of 4.60 Version !!!Is it normal?? I run with winxp!!!
  4. jas

    jas Guest

    All mine say 4.60 (1021), so i`m assuming u have a newer install than me!, but that should be ok
  5. Barbarian

    Barbarian Guest

    What's this thing do and where would I get it ? Mines even older, I think, 4.57 from what I can gather.

    Well, I just did the same as you and got the same results, 2 files 4.70, 2 4.60.... oooops, why do I not feel good about this, it also states on the checker that's it's not installed properly......
  6. Hilander

    Hilander Guest

    I had the same prob when I updated, 2 version 4.7 and 2 version 4.6. It also showed that ASPI wasn't installed correctly so I just deleted those 4 files and reinstalled. Came out perfect.
    Also in the readme file they tell you which files have to have the same version to be working OK. Turns out it's OK to have 4.6 and 4.7 files.
  7. Barbarian

    Barbarian Guest

    Tried that, now I'm just missing 1 file, wowpost.exe or something. Quess I'll figure something out.......