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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by maz4ruth, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. maz4ruth

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    Is there a program that can cut out the little silence at the start of Mp3's so that when you burn mixed CDs they will be seamless?

    If I burn a disc from Mp3 source there is a teeny gap as the track changes (a characteristic of Mp3, I think this is where the headers are stored etc...).

    This is usually ok, but on a mixed CDs (Club CDs etc.) it is very annoying!

    Thanks guys :)
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    hmm doesnt this has to do with the burn program. I know nero adds 2 sec. after each song.
  3. jawshoouh

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    in nero, if you select all tracks (ctrl+a), then go to properties (alt+enter), then click on the filters tab, and select both fade in and fade out with a 2-3 second time selection, that'll cross-fade your tracks into one another automatically with no gaps.

    you can also select a 0 second gap in between songs. however, nero must put a 2 second gap between the first and second, afaik.
  4. Luna64

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    Even if you merge the mp3's with a zero second gap in Nero, you are going to get a little pop between tracks.

    To do this, and it takes a very long time, I got Cool Edit Pro 2 and merged all the tracks that went together. So if song one fades into song two, I merge them to make one song.

    Then I would delete the small amount of silece between the two tracks. There is a little bit of it right where they merged.

    Now the song is one long mp3 (if you save it as one).

    After this I would go into Nero's audio editing tools and create a track mark for the audio file where track one ends and track two starts.

    Give it a 0 second gap, and now your audio will play right through the switch with no problem.

    Maybe there is an easier way to do this ?
  5. jawshoouh

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    yeah, i've found the pop when you burn in nero if you do a 0 second gap in between songs. if you do a 2 or 3 second cross-fade (and you have to specify a fade out and a fade in on all tracks), i haven't heard any pops or problems, except once, when the latter 3 seconds of the 2nd track got somehow spliced into the latter 3 seconds of the 1st track. only happened to me once, though. but as far as making a seemless audio cd from multiple mp3s without getting any gaps, pops, or hisses, the best way i've found other than the nero cross-fade is the way you [Luna64] just said (combine into one mp3 track, do your own cue sheet for song separations)
  6. maz4ruth

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    Ok, I'll mess around with the cross fading settings in Nero and see what happens. :)

    Just for the record, we're not talking about the two second pre-gap some programs might add!

    Thanks! ;)
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    You can also use Cool Edit 2k - as with when you go to encode the songs with an mp3 extracter set the fade in and fade out length to 0, This will get rid of the silence ..
  8. maz4ruth

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    Sweet, I presume I'll encode to WAV before I burn...

    Thanks guys/gals!
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    1) Get rid of all the tags in your mp3's. These add silence to tracks. Most players just skip over it, but if you decode to wav, it adds silence. Use ID3Kill.

    2) With mp3, there will almost always be a slight gap at the end of file because of the nature of having to use frames. A full frame is not always needed, but you can't have a partial frame.

    3) You could always configure winamp to convert for you, use a crossfade plugin and diskwriter output plugin.
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