I need an app to make partitions in windows xp.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Spanko, May 7, 2003.

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    Basically i have one 36gb drive as one partition with winxp on it, and i have like 26 gigs free, and i want to make a 6gb ntfs partition without messing up the current stuff. umm Freeware is preferred unless theres a shareware that will let me do it...
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    PartitionMagic is your best bet. However, it's not freeware, and I don't think a trial version is available.

    There is also Ranish Partition Manager which is freeware. I have never used it myself, so I'm not sure how well it works and how safe it is.
  3. I have used Ranish Partition Manager as part of my IT studies. It simply creates partitions on your hard drive. And it does wipe your data off while partitioning but if you back up your data, you would be right.
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    Try using the XP cd and when you arrive at formatting partitioning and reinstalling , just abort at the last stage and reboot.
    Should work.
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    That won't work. You will have no operating system when finished. Setup will wipe out all data on the drive when you divide the only partition.

    Best bet would be in my opinion to backup all data and start from the beginning. Since only 10 gb are used on the drive that should be easily manageable. Means burning about ten cds. You won't have to backup XP, System Restore folder,and programs you already have on cd.
    You should backup important data even if you use Partition Magic, anyway.
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    i cant back anything up, i dont have a cd burner i had to RMA it:mad: :mad: :mad: