i miss zonealarm pro?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by evilhomer, Apr 17, 2002.

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    i got rid of it and replaced it with kerio personal, which is certainly capable and everything (i like it a lot)...

    except now i need to run a seperate program to block ads and i haven't even bothered to get a cookie cutter yet. i'm kind of missing za pro...

    except, I have a few probs. I see some minor updates have happened and I'm wondering if my issues are addressed:

    1.) was unable to get remote desktop connection working

    2.) would sometimes forget settings for programs i had already specified

    3.) would sometimes use large amounts of memory, then crash.
  2. Personally, I thing kerio is fine and all, but I can't seem to get it to work on a network too well, without some tweaking with the rules, and the lack of support is annoying in that respect. In the end, even when I'm running ZA pro, I turn off the ad blocking, since it actually tends to slow down browsing for some reason, prob when blocking the ads, so that page loading is slow. you might try webwasher if you want to block ads, or look for Norton Internet security, though I thing NIS is bloatware...
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    I have no probs with kerio on my 3 node-network.

    interesting experience with zonealarm, it worked perfectly for me for ad blocking

    NIS *is* bloatware, i don't want it.

    i'm surprised there's not more peeps using za pro.
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    get the new zonealarm pro. its a great free(if you know what your doing) firewall and it does block ads and popups. works great for me
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    I have a 3 node network with Zone Alarm 3 Pro Latest version running on all computers without problems. Remote Desktop Connection works fine also.
    But I have heard of lots of peeps that had the problems you had, some of them said they went away after installing the latest version. Guess it's worth a try.
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    remote desktop/zonealarm pro 3.0

    i cant get to my home computer via remote desktop with zonealarm pro 3.0 activated. i even have it set up to popup permission if something tries to access it,but when i try to access it no pop-up occurs at home;when i get pop-up permission boxes for everything else. is there anyway to get ZA to give permission to my work ip address or to the remote desktop program in xp?
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    I can strongly advice anyone not to use Zone Alarm. Yes, it is easy iif you don't know what's what. But check their site and watch the uninstall procedure. You're not done with "remove program"

    Go to download.com en read the negative readerr reviews about formats and system/registry screw-ups. I had that same experience.

    Why not use your XP standard firewall? Or iff you insist using an easy firewl, get Sygate Personal Firewall. Also free and much much cleaner and better.