I lost my brother today

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    We grew up in far Rockaway new York and I didn’t become Friends with Marty Silverberg till we were about 12 years old

    I don’t know exactly when our friendship turned into brotherhood but we became close faster then most boys our age, we were adolescents and together we learned about life near and far, we rejoiced in the new knowledge either of us would bring to the next conversation and it was as if we were living two lives, each others

    if I tried to begin telling you all the things we did and shared I would never finish, my heart would ache far too much and I would not be able to type

    But I will tell you this;

    Marty is the best man I have ever met, he would do as much as he could when you were in trouble and he never asked anything from anyone when he was in trouble

    I don’t mean just for friends, I mean for everyone and anyone he thought would benefit and move forward from help he had to offer

    His death came quick and I’m grateful he didn’t suffer, we knew he had a deadly form of cancer but we all thought he had more time with us then he did.

    When he told me he had this cancer that cannot be cured he was in Florida, I live in new York

    he heard the devastation in my voice and consoled me with;

    "perris, don’t you worry about me, you worry about my wife and my kids"

    those in his family who survive my brother are his mom, "Dorothy" who always treated "the guys" like we were her kids

    his older sister "Lisa", a beautiful and intelligent women who I have always had a crush

    his younger sister "Abbey", another genius in the family (and another crush but don’t tell lisa, she will kick my ass)

    his incredible wife who put up with all "the guys", all our stories, all our crude conversations, an incredible women before she met Marty and she completed him.

    Tracy, I love you, when you need a new shoulder, mine is here

    His older daughter "Laura", an incredibly beautiful girl, married to a man any women would die having for their life partner

    Laura, you’re the eldest, you make certain everyone moves forward and makes your dad smile as he looks down to see what his family is up to;

    "Kenton", the Silverberg’s will need your strength, I know you’re up to this, you are more family then I am, they will count on you and so will I.

    "Max", your father was so proud of you, I wish you knew how many times he brought you up, shared with us your growth and the life events and trials that turned you into the man you are today

    Your Family will need you to keep strong, to move forward, and they will need you for your strength and kind heart

    I know you’ll be there giving your shoulder, they’re gonna need it.

    "Sambone"…ma man…your brother will need you as much as you need him, your mom will need you, your sister and her husband, we will all need you

    your smile, wit and nature will get them through the times they have ahead

    And the last of those family members;

    The community of who became Marty’s brother by proxy, myself and everyone that grew up with "the guys from Rockaway"

    I love you all

    For the good times, and possibly the last time;

    ♫ ♫ rockaway......*
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    perris, what a wonderful tribute and sorry for your loss. Marty sounds like a wonderful father, husband and friend. Cancer is a mean hombre and one that took my father before his time. Prayers going up for you and his family!
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    That is really, really hard. It makes me tear up right now just thinking about losing one of mine.

    It sounds like he was a great man, a great friend, and a great brother. I pray for comfort for you and your family.
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    Yeah, very nice tribute mate, very very sorry for your loss!
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    Very Sorry for your loss Perris
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    My condolences buddy :(
  7. Perris Calderon

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    new york
    here's another, posted by the creator of the anti aging industry

    Martin Silverberg 1955-2010

    With great sorrow, we now know our dear friend Marty Silverberg passed away yesterday. Several months ago he was diagnosed with an aggressive stage 4 metastic carcinoma. He suffered cardiac arrest yesterday. I was going to wait for a memorial page to be set up on the Far Rock website, but since so many are 'coming unglued,' please feel free share this with everyone. I will speak of Marty now and have some special pictures that were taken about a week ago on my Facebook profile pictures when we went on our final boat cruise together:
    It is difficult to share the greatness, true charisma and remarkable character of our dear departed lifelong childhood pal Marty Silverberg. I probably was closest with him the longest, frequently having lunch at his house when we were seven years old in 1st grade at P.S. 42. Marty was one of those rare human beings who exuded charisma, energy and zest for life. He also reinvented himself repeatedly, going from parks department pooppicker on the beach, to lifeguard, talent/model agency owner, Jack Lalanne salesman, lifeguard, Far Rock swim team captain and city champ, mortgage broker/banker and later in life even winning a body building contest and a remarkable Elvis impersonator singer, with the moves, look and voice of the icon legend.

    Marty was one of the most loyal, giving and generous of people, housing childhood friends who fell on bad times, and even entire extended families following Hurricane Katrina. But of all the amazing aspects of who, and what kind of man he was, what made me most proud to have him as my lifelong pal, was how he handled this final challenge. Despite being faced with horrific potential outcomes, he kept his sense of humor, positive attitude and love of his family and friends before himself. I was with him and his wife Tracy when the diagnosis/prognosis was presented by the oncologist and Marty even joked with the doctor about it.

    I was honored, and so lucky to be able to spend a lot of time with him these last few months of his life. We would joke about all my overseas business associates who were pissed at him since I cancelled so many overseas trips, as I was not leaving his side until a treatment plan was in place that would give him a shot at winning this. His attitude was always, always positive to beat this, and he even started a blog to turn into a future potential book that he would tell others how to beat cancer...ever the optimist, entrepreneur, class act.

    Just briefly before his passing, we childhood pals went on our annual boat cruise together (Perris Calderon, Mike Crohn, Joey Schultz, and other cruises (Bobby Bram and Steven Schussler), and it was one of the most special weekends of our lives, as we knew in the back of our minds it could be the last time we would experience this together. We toasted our deceased pal Leslie Cohen (who died a few days following the last Far Rock reunion), as has become our tradition and told Marty he has to join us for at least 30 more annual cruises. This, unfortunately, was not in the cards.

    Marty was a lucky guy for so many reasons, and the one thing we all always agreed upon is his remarkable wife Tracy. He met the perfect woman and she is a truly astounding person. He met her when she was just 18 years old. Aside from being a 6 Star cook and devoted mother, she went on to become a published book author and karate black belt. Tracy took on everything and anything to help him throughout their lifetime together...especially in face of this final challenge. Marty was also blessed with amazing kids - Laura, Max and Sam...talented dentist sisters Abby and Lisa, and the ever vibrant mother Dorothy, who even in her mid 80s can still dance circles around anyone 50 years her junior.

    To have had someone like Marty as a lifelong close friend has been an honor, pleasure, gift, and blessing, and we honor him by trying to be better people, give of ourselves unselfishly and help others, and keep our positive attitude and sense of humor in even the most dire of times. we will all miss him greatly

    Rob Goldman '72

    (For more tributes to Marty, please visit the 1973 FRHS Memorial page and find Martin's plaque, then click it go see his tributes.)

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    The first time I met Marty, I was 13 years old. At that time, Marty looked like the rest of us... acne, not sure who the hell he was - but Marty :) soon turned into a GOLDEN GOD :laugh: on the beaches of ROCKAWAY. Marty was smart enough to stay on the beach well into his twenties, life guarding, partying and singing Elvis songs to all who would listen. :eek:
    Marty and I were the first of the Rockawayites that went to SUC @ Brockport with Perris :dead: and Bobbie Bram :devious: following along to sing in our Vagina Quartet. Marty was indeed a Golden God, just ask the millions of women he pleasured. I remember Marty :crosseyed: asking me if I wanted to be his room-mate and thought... should I stay with an Italian who goes home to Mama on the week-ends thus leaving my dorm-room empty for all of the women who would deny me sex or room with the Golden God who will have me sleeping on the floor outside his bedroom door. :devious:
    Before my parents moved off to Happy Hollow Hills, on Long Island, Michael Crohn :dead: abused me on a daily basis much to the amusement of Marty :laugh: who affectionately tagged each moment with a bellowing cry to the heavens, calling out..."ABUSE!!!." :eek: Kids from blocks away would know right away that some skinny, Jewish kid was being pushed over some fence on the way back from Hebrew school. When I left, the anti-aging guru, Rob Goldman took my place, but he was no match for the abuse of the year award. :rolleyes: To this day, when life hands me a little... "ABUSE," :mad: I remember Marty giggling his ass off. "ABUSE!!! He would say, over and over again. He never got tired of it, and I never left the guys unamused. Glad to amuse my tribe of Rockawayites. :rolleyes:
    As both of us grew up we came to see each other less often and watched our families go through batmitvahs, etc. Living in LA and not living in NY/Fla, our times together grew shorter and shorter.
    Even though my friend is gone, I can still hear him bellowing a yell that will reach the heavens and back. "ABUSE!!!!!" :eek:
    Ain't life a bitch. I miss you already and can only say to all of the guys who are left... Don't allow all those moments become lost in time, relive those moments by rejoining ourselves and lifting our glasses to Leslie and Marty as if it were our last and always remember the golden god:
    MARTY SILVERBERG. :nervous:
  9. Perris Calderon

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    new york
    miss you allan

    we'll talk this weekend, tell linda we say hi
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    I am very sorry Perris. Be strong man!
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    Perris and Allan,

    I am sorry for your loss... It sounds like Marty was an extraordinary individual.
  12. epk

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    gosh, i'm sorry man.. thats really tough :/
    hope you're doing ok.. the family too
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    What a post Perris, My Condolences Man! I will pray for You and his Family.
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    I am sorry for your loss perris. :(
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    My condolences Perris. Sorry it's late. :(
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    Sorry for your loss Perris.
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    Sorry to hear about the loss of someone so close perris. Wonderful tribute though.
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    Really late here but I just saw this. You make me wish I new Martin. I feel for you, Perris. I only hope that I am a good enough person to have someone feel about me the way you feel about Martin. I am sorry for your loss.
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    Yea same here, I don't know how I missed this.

    I have never had to deal with death, not personally. So I don't really know how you could be feeling. Sorry for this :(