I know I am dumb but,,, Shutdown question

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pntgrd, Dec 28, 2001.

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    I need help and I know I have seen the answwer to this before. After doing a reinstall of XP Home last night, now when I go to shutdown things I get the "You can now turn off your computer" screen. It does not shut off by itself like it used to. I know this is a simple thing but I cannot for the life of me remember what it is. Anyone else remember???
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    There is a problem with that

    Because of disabling ACPI to get my Belkin USB controller working I do not have the option of doing either one of the solutions posted above. Maybe that is why there is no auto shutoff anyway. I just may have to live with turnibg things off, I guess. Life is Hard.
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    Re: There is a problem with that

    You dont have an APM function?

    That doesnt make any sense to me. On every non ACPI computer Ive worked on, there was still an APM option.

    I'm just making sure that I interpreted your post correctly. Please tell me if I'm wrong, because this is a first for me. Not to say that your wrong, the way this days going it wouldnt surprise me that this is happening.

    As AlecStaar told me earlier, Dont you love computers? Consistency is NOT their middle-name!

    Nothing could be more true...
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    Re: Re: There is a problem with that

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    In the newsgroups, and on my machine, APM is disabled by default in XP, unlike earlier versions of Windows. The stats seemed to indicate to MS that there were too many computers that did not support APM.
    The most common solution, and the one that worked for me, was to go to Power Managemant in Control Panel and enable APM. There was a message there for me there that APM was supported but not enabled.
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    I understand that its not enabled by default, which is a good thing in some cases. But I understood him to say that there wasnt an option present for him to enable. Thats whats bothering me.
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    Using the APMSTAT.EXE tool from the support tools, this is the message you get on a regular desktop machine:

    "This is an ACPI machine, APM is NOT relevant on this machine"

    This supports what i wrote before (here or somewhere else). XP Turns it off when it detects no laptop. APM is meant for LAPTOPS after all.

    I don't have the option as you see from the above message.

    Why is this so important? The bios should take care of these features when XP sends the right info (which it does with me, and all the other pc's i have installed xp on.
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    Search here for Class: NtApm or NoDisplayClass set to 1. Changing the 1 to 0 might get the tab to be displayed.

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    i dont have a apm tab either
    once its enabed its gone
    if its not then you will have a tab there

    note tha tif your BIOS has not been updated for win2000 acpi the you will have problems
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    Hi, Had the same problem, all I did was to go to device manager
    and show hidden items, there was a legacy support problem,
    just clicked on use this item, rebooted and that was it XP
    shut down as it should.
    Hope this helps.
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    Goto Device Manger and check to see if you have APCI under computers. It might be set to standard pc. Change it to ACPI and ytou'll have the shutdown working again.