I just brought a new HardDrive. I got a simple question. Help!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by peroxide, Mar 1, 2003.

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    I brought a new hard drive(bigger) today. What I plan on doing is taking the old one(I done backed up the stuff I need to disc) and sling it as far as I can in the trees in the back of my house.

    But my question is, on the new Hardrive, which I will be using XP Pro, I have to re-install from scratch. Do I need any boot diskettes or just the installation cd-rom alone? If I need any boot diskettes, how can I make one?

    All information you provide is valuable and very much appreciated

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    concerning the question you had.. well all you really need is your installation cd...

    you will have to first of all make sure that your hard drive is setup to receive inforamtion... ie formatted...

    then just plug in your cd... change boot sequency options to boot from cd rom first and BLAM... install winxp to appropriate hard drive and partition :)
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    Actually the XP install CD will allow you to format the drive. Just install the drive and boot off of you XP CD
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    Its not just 1) formatting the new drive. You also have to:

    2) create a partition(s).
    3) assign drive letter(s).

    (s) in parenthesis is because on a really big drive (>20) gig it gets more efficient if you devide it up into storage areas and system areas, maybe even a pagefile partition.

    The XP CD will allow you to do it all. For latter if you want to change partitions or drive letters go to:

    start- control panel- administrative tools- computer management- storage- disk management.

    fdisk was sure a lot easier to find, lol.
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    Rettahc always short and to the point!:) with nothing cunfusing!
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    If the operating system is OK & you want to put it straight onto your new hard drive then look over //home.carolina.rr.com/lexunfreeware/LexunBackup/LexunBackup.htm#AddingaNewHardDrivetoReplacetheC: Drive for Adding a New Hard Drive to Replace the C: Drive.

    Take the space out of : & Drive. Stupid smiley. :p
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    1. Take out old drive
    2. Put in new drive
    3. Put in XP CD
    4. Boot
    5. Install

    Easy as pie. :)
  8. yes just use CD. create first partition as install starts. ntfs being best. and go from there

    any other partitions and etc create then through disk administrator after install. everything will be happier that way.

    fdisk is for 9x os's and not needed, neither is FORMAT. the boot CD and OS can do it all

    easiest way to disk administrator and all is right click 'my computer' then 'manage' is will give you the MMC with all the plug ins you need to manage stuff in one shot :blink: this can be had from the start menu if 'enable drag and drop' is enabled on the start menu properties (should be by default)
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    my harddrive came with a diagnostics boot disk for such things as a ddo and harddrive limitation (not sure of the point of that):huh: but xp cd will do the job but the disk is more advanced and you can easily mess things up:)
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    What size is your old hard drive?
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    What is the size of the drive? Win XP will not install FAT32 on drives bigger then 32 GB (or with partitions > 32 GB) so if you want to have FAT32 for old windows compatability instead of NTFS then you may need to create a FAT32 partition using a Win 9x or other boot disk. Other then that the XP CD should be able to do just about everything you need.