I hesitate to ask this...

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by laptop, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. laptop

    laptop Guest

    Hi, I'm running XP home, factory installed, I'm
    firewalled, just ran adaware 6.0 and spybot,
    I don't have a virus/trojan running amok,
    and am not networked to other computers.

    Twice now, I've made a post on a forum that
    uses PhP code and I type a short reply in
    the post reply box, hit enter and my post
    immediately "takes" but it is not what I
    wrote at all!! Twice now it's done it,
    and what is written does correlate to
    the subject matter, the forum owner
    checked the logs and code and has found
    no "glitches".

    I'm on a laptop if that helps, this is really
    freaky because like I said what appears
    to have been written by me, isn't my words
    and always pertains to the subject matter.
    This forum you can be logged in or not logged
    in to post. The first time it happened, I was
    logged in under my user name, and tonight
    the 2nd. time, I was posting as a "guest".

    LOL, no I don't drink or do drugs either.

    Thank you for helping me solve this mystery,
    I took screen shots of the website forum
    when I saw my words came out not as I posted them.

    Sincerely, laptop :eek:
  2. laptop

    laptop Guest

    I've also taken all the new hot fixes and installed
    them on my PC. (the hacker security fixes)
  3. Bootsy

    Bootsy Huh?

    Miami, Fl
    schitzophrnia maybe?
  4. sdibias

    sdibias Guest

    lol... Is there a ghost haunting you?
  5. laptop

    laptop Guest

    From the replies, you can see why I hestitated
    to post this question. Bootsy, nope, perfect
    health here. sdibias, don't believe in ghosts.

    I've sent this post question to some techs I know
    in silicon valley, be nice here people, LOL
    if his happened to you, you wouldn't be laughing.

    Any* logical * answer or part of an answer
    would be nice.

    Thanks again

    Ms. laptop
  6. Tabula Rasa

    Tabula Rasa Stranger Than Kindness Political User

    Is that on one certain forum? maybe they have some weird filters on , happened to me once (still hold that against you xsiv :p).

    also HTML , PHP and Cookies can be nasty at times, delete all your history and cookies (manually) and see if it still happens.
  7. laptop

    laptop Guest

    Hi Benny, thank you for your reply. Yes it only
    has happened on this one forum. I delete my
    cookies , history and temp internet files a few
    times a day, and it still happened. I did fail last
    night when it happened again to go to
    the command prompt and run 'netstat'
    to see if I could find anything, because
    I was so flabbergasted when I saw how
    the post reply came out.

    I didn't know filters could do that, I've only
    seen them on forums that have certain
    swear words "filtered", though I didn't
    swear in these posts, and this forum
    lets you say any word with out a swear filter.

    I posted this question when it happened the
    first time on a PHP computer help forum, but
    the owner there didn't have a clue.

    Thanks again for your nice reply, LOL this has
    got me real curious.

    Sincerely, Ms. laptop
  8. Leo

    Leo OSNN Addict

    That's somethin freaky u got going there LOL!
    Wish i could help.
  9. Tabula Rasa

    Tabula Rasa Stranger Than Kindness Political User

    Filters can do freaky stuff, once a filter made me curse someone (another member of that forum) when i was just using a curse word as a part of a sentence, you better double check if someones having some fun on your expense :p .

    the only other thing i can think of, is that you get a software firewall (if you don't already have one) , and see exactly what ports are open while you post there and who (what) is using them, you can find some weird addresses on the logs at times.

    hope you work it all out, worst case scenario , learn to enjoy the new "schizophrenic" you :p .
  10. vadislav

    vadislav Guest

    I WAS ON A FORUM. YOU POST AND THE MODERATER screen's every post before it is put on the forum. they shorten the subject title, even though it no longer is descriptive. it was mesomorph.net. the admin and mod's don't consult each other on everything they do.
  11. laptop

    laptop Guest

    Thanks everyone, I learn so much reading this forum.

    I just left a post at that forum where this is
    happening and 3 other members are all mad
    because it is happening to them too. Whew....
    LOL, glad to know it's just not me.

    The owner
    is saying it isn't her doing it and it's not her code.
    The post replies post instantly in a nano-second,
    so there's no time delays from clicking enter post
    to when it appears on a thread.

    I checked all my ports, I'm locked down real good,
    so far what has been said isn't anything damaging.

    Thanks again for all your kind replies.

    Sincerly, Ms. laptop
  12. laptop

    laptop Guest

    **** Update ****

    LOL it happened to the forum owner twice tonight,
    and she analyzed it and found it to be;

    Whew..... LOL glad that solves that :cool:
  13. Nick M

    Nick M Moderator

    Muwhah! Benny and I got screwed over with our posts. He cursed me and what I said, made me say I was gay...err...
  14. all somebodys gotta do is get in your ms word file and choose autocorrect. they can change any word to be something else.(example)everytime you type "it" it will come up "and" and so forth. hope i helped.
  15. Perris Calderon

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    new york
    I got here too late, because I was absolutely certain that this ws a fujizm

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