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  1. Ok, what do I need to make copys of DVD's? I have a high dollar TV and DVD player and wanted to (cough cough) rent movies and copy them on my computer to have for later viewing. What is the best software and or what do I need for this? I saw dvdcopyplus but heard it really stinks. What do you guys recommend?

    Thanks in advance
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    Well this depends, do you plan on burning copies of DVD's? Do you want to compress them to Divx? Do you want to copy all the extras etc?

    There are alot of variables. Clearly if you want to play copies of DVD's on your DVD player your gonna need either a DVD burner, or a DVD player that supports VCD/SVCD (Just cause your DVD player cost alot doesn't mean a thing...I know tons of VERY expensive DVD players that can't play SVCD at all)

    I suggest you goto www.vcdhelp.com for more info about the different copying methods, playback, etc
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  4. You guys rock. Thanks so much for the info :)

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    Try VCD Galaxy as well...pretty fool proof......three buttons and thats it...sweet !!!!

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