i hate reading :(

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  1. damn who ever though of giving a hw, now i gotta read like 10 pages of some crap for tomorrows english class. and also answer one of the questions. well i can understand reading something interesting or educational, but the **** that's being assined is so stupid. i hate this part of college so much
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    Ten pages? Wow that's going to take some time. :rolleyes:
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    I have to read 16 chapters (roughly 150 pages) of a book for English class tomorrow. And it's 10:30 pm right now. Going to take some time, but I don't mind.
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    You don't seem to mind reading the forums :rolleyes: :p
  5. well english is my second language so i dont read as good, plus i dont feel like reading it and constantly do other stuff. so so far it's taking me about 2 hours now and i got 5 and a half pages to read :) skipping some parts though.
    and 16 chapters damn that's a lot. is it anything interesting at least?
  6. reading in the forum rarely involves reading more then couple sentences, becides it's not that boring . and at least it's about something i like or do. where in this thing i'm reading it's about some italian kid who's iq test was switched with some dumb kind and italian kid got into special ed program(for slow people) and so on.
    trust me this is not something that i would read at any point of my life, unless as in this case i have to to get good grade. my math was easy though :) did it in 4 min.
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    My reading is from the book "Cry, the Beloved Country" about South Africa. Not really interesting, but not really boring either. It's the kind of thing where you read through 3 or 4 chapters and don't even realize you're doing it or remember anything, but when you go back to reread it, you feel like you've read it already (which you have) so you still don't concentrate. So I don't seem to be getting much out of it.

    But on the bright side, my math was easy too. Finished 2 lessons of calculus in about ten minutes. :D
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    calculus seems hard
    we readin shakespears 'Hamlet' in english
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    Ahh, well, so far calculus is just review of pre-calc and stuff before that.
  10. hah i'm done with reading here :) finally. took me about 3 hours. gotta answer one of 4 questions now though and write a 1 page responce paper. which i'm not gona be doing. will have to go with usual, " my dog ate my hw"
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    Those are always the "need to know" parts.
  12. well it's more like 50% of the times the parts that are need to know. becides u get the basic idea of what's in those parts from what u've read. i have been doing it this way since i dont even remember. works great so far