i had a trojan

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by wassup_ken, Jan 5, 2002.

  1. wassup_ken

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    i just did viruscan & found out that i had some trojan virus on my computer, i cleaned/deleted the infected files and now it seems to be fine, i was wondering what i should do now, how can i be protected against other virues & trojans? i got the XP firewall up
  2. Lonman

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    keep a real good anti-virus program running and up-to-date is your best line of defense. I'm running Norton AV 2002 and it's already caught several virii piggy-backing in on web pages (I sometimes surf, er, questionable sites .:rolleyes: )
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    Scan files youve downloaded, run an incoming email virus scanner, make sure your AV is up to date all the time, disable activeX and Java in your IE options, and check out some of the security guides here:


    You may also run an active auto-protect feature of your AV program, if your afraid of getting more viruses, but this may slow things down a bit.

    I've been on the net since around '95. I have yet to get a virus on my system (but I've caught plenty of them trying to :D ). I follow the simple rules above. I think they will do you some good too. The biggest thing to remember is scanning before opening, and email scanner. Do that, and you should be reasonably safe.

    Also consider getting a good firewall if you havent already. The XP firewall doesnt give good protection with outgoing transmissions (I.E. - Trojans). Zone alarm and Tiny Firewall are good ones.

    Hope this helps.
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    Speaking of piggy-backing, we seem to do alot of that with our side-by-side posting LOL :)

    I need to type faster :D
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    i got mcafee viruscan vshield always running in the background

    i got the virus in the System Restore files, & i had a virus before too, but i cleaned it, so what should i do with system restore?
  6. wassup_ken

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    also, the viruses are:


    before i had:


    also, i have the Mcafee Firewall, i'll enable it right away
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    If mcafee is being run on autoprotect, and is being kept updated, then you need a new AV. Theres no reason for that to happen to you. Personally I run NAV 2002, and its never let me down yet.

    Of course, I'm probably not running around in the shady parts of town like Lonman is :D
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    k, thanks
  9. wassup_ken

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    do u know how i can get ALL of the System Restore files deleted? i tried turning it off then on, but i ran the viruscan after that & it showed i had the viruses, what is the folder for system restore?

    also, i tried Norton, but the auto-protect wouldn't even start!!! it kept getting disabled, i'll try re-installing Mcafee (with mcafee viruscan & firewall, i should be fine) and if that doesnt work, i'll uninstall mcafee, and install Norton
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    lol, cut-n-paste man, cut-n-paste. That and if i see you in the thread i'm typing like a mad[Lon]man, lol.
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    Y'know, thats an idea...

    Canned answers...yeah...

    I can copy-n-paste my typical "whats your computer specs?" :p

    Hehe :D