I can't set up a proxy on my new Earthlink cable

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by veronica, May 3, 2004.

  1. veronica

    veronica Guest

    Earthlink support will not help. I have windows XP. I tried the usual, Clicking

    on LAN. Clicking proxy. Typing an IP address in for a proxy and port #. What

    should I do? Thank you.
  2. Reg

    Reg eXperienced!

    Arlington, TX
    A few ISP's have blocked proxying. I know that AOL does this and I due believe Earthlink does as well. They do this because of their parental controls feature.
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  3. veronica

    veronica Guest

    I was on AOL about 2 weeks ago. My

    proxy worked there. I asked Earthlink. They told me NAV 2001 conflicts with

    proxies. I do not have NAV. Then they said that is part of thier network

    service which I did not buy. They quit trying to help me. Thank you for

    replying. Bump for more info. Thanks.