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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Nick718, Feb 8, 2002.

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    OMG< I am fuming right now. I just reformated, did a CLEAN install of XP Pro, because before it was crashing alot and most people I talked to said it was due to the fact that I had installed it over 98. So Here I am now, on a CLEAN INSTALL, and I am having a crash problem right off the bat. THis time however, it heppens every time I open display properties and click on the settings tab. I just installed nVidia's Detinator drivers, I have a TNT 2 32 mb. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS POS COMPUTER!!! I can't believe this, somebody please help me. It wasnt happening before I installed the drivers, could they be the problme? I cant live without those drivers, the XP ones for this card suck.
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    which drivers are you using? have you tried to update to the 27.10 beta's? and are you currently using the 23.11?
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    Ok, heres the situatoin with the dirvers. NOt sure which version, just went to the nvidia.com site, clicked "download" then Windows XP/2000 and got the drivers it showed there. If you can tell me how to find out what version it is I'll let you know. Secondly, I disabled auto restart and got this blue screen message "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_ARE" and the file that caused it was n4dspl.dll or nv4dspl.dll one or the other cant remember exactly. Loooks like its definately the video driver.
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    Update: I just looked at the version in the hardware device manager its version according to windows.
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    Ok, i found out some more info about the problem. I am visually impared, and use a program called Zoom Text Extra which is a display enlarging and screen reading tool. A new version just came out, designed to run on XP, so it should be compatable. When I install the video drivers with the Zoom text already installed, Zoom Text requires a reinstall so it can update the video drivers. I was running the first version of XP Detinator drivers before and Zoom Text caused no problems, but now, with this version, after I INstall Zoom Text this problem happens. If I just install the drivers and no zoom text, there is no problem. It seems to be changing something in the video driver that is causing the system to crash. Can someone point me to those Beta Detinator drivers, maybe those would work, and also the first version of XP compatable Detinator drivers....
    Thanks you
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    The error your having sounds like a RAM CRC issues. At least that's what it turned out to be for me. If you have more than one stick of RAM in your computer, take one out and see if it still happens. If it does, swap the sticks. If it still occurs, try another RAM slot. It's probably a bad or POS stick of ram. I had a very similar problem. Sure enough it was 100% one of the RAM sticks.

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    What do you mean by update? Is there a link to that update you are running? THe only thing I could find on those sites was the newest Beta versions of the nvidia drivers.
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    Nick, yeah, the two links are to get beta drivers. What I mean by update is to use 'Windows update' so your machine will connect to Microsoft and scan for new updates. They have V23.12 available so you may want to try that.

    Pete's suggestion is good too. RAM can be a bugger.
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    Suggestion: once you get it working INSTALL ROXIO GOBACK. This program is great. No matter what you do to Windows, with GoBack you can undo it! It's not just a SYSTEM RESTORE, it's way better.

    Download a new driver? Install a new program? Surf the web and pickup something? Virus? Kid messed around with settings and the machine no longer works correctly? Changed 50 Registry settings? Deleted 20 Registry keys? Uninstalled a program? Deleted a folder? Formatted the HD?

    Yup, GoBack can UNDO every one of those! Even the full format!

    I use to download and install programs and drivers with great fear and concern. No more. Now I can try a program or a driver for an hour, and if I don't like it GoBack simply turns back the clock and returns my HD to the condition it was in prior to trying that program. Every setting is returned to it's former state. Every shortcut is back, every link, everything!

    I'm very high on this program (as you can tell). Sure it's running in the background (I don't notice it). But the piece of mind you get from knowing that nothing can mess up you machine... it's great.

    I suppose professionals don't need this kind of thing, but I use it and so do my friends, and it's saved my ass a dozen times.
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    God...that sounded like a commercial..no offense or anything...I just started laughing, the wording is so perfect are you in marketing?
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    lol it does.
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    I had been using the 23.11 drivers on XP and even posted on these forums about my system crashing and tv out not working. Ive since updated to the 23.12 drivers and now everything is working fine. I got my drivers from guru3d, they're not digitally signed but they work for me.
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    The official 23.12 are now on the windows Update

    I just saw it posted on the front page here :)
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    LOL. I just re-read it and it DOES sound like a commercial. I guess it's because I've told that same thing to so many people; I have it down...

    Really folks, it's a safety net, and once you've used it you'll wonder how the heck you ever got by without it.

    Best money I've spent in a long time. I've been using it for over 2 years now. Try the free 30 day demo. You'll like it.