I can not delete a file...

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by original delboy, Feb 11, 2002.

  1. Ok guys this is strange i am trying to delete a file which is called ntuser.dat and it is in c:\documents and settings\sanj

    What happened was that i was using nero to create a vcd and while i was dragging this file from the left hand side (it was a mpeg a dolby digital trailer from my documents and a folder named trailer and the file was in there called trailer.mpg,
    so while i was dragging the file from the left hand side i accidentely drooped it in the next colum and it disappered...:confused:
    so i looked in the original place (documents and a folder named trailer) and it was not in there.

    So i did a search files on the hdd and it found it in c:\documents and settings\sanj.
    So when i went there it was not called trailer.mpg but ntuser.dat...and when i looked at the time of which it was created it was the same time when i messed up,by dropping the file into the other colum.

    so now when i go to c:\documents and settings\sanj
    and try to delete it it comes up "cannot delete ntuser: it is being used by another person or program close any programs that might be using that file"
    Well there is nothing running in the background...also why is the name changed to ntuser.dat instead of trailer.mpg

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    Um Ntuser.dat is a required system file...it is not your trailer.mpg...ntuser.dat is where the settings for your user account are stored
  3. thx for the reply...so how come when i do a search for trailer.mpg it comes up with c:\documents and settings\sanj ?
  4. Hi Qumahlin i am not still convinced with the feedback from you..im not sayinmg that your wrong well i thing i am really
    :rolleyes: but im sure you will understand with what i mean its just that the times related are the same as when this happened...i asked someones advice and this is what they told me...

    "Eeeek - It is now a corrupt, hidden folder, if you right click on it and look at "permissions" , are "Read Only" and "Hidden Folder" ticked? If so, you could simply change the permissions. If this is not possible, what has happened is very similar to "purposely corrupting a file to permanently burn it on your hard drive" (People do this to safe keep uploaded files), and if this is the case, you would need to examine the file path and take it back to its original state. - this is complex.

    But maybe someone here could assist me more. (Not sure if there is a proggy that would help you get rid of it or not either/

    plz help!
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    hey delboy check out where you posted this question elswhere.

    I cant believe you have been asking every question twice to different people each time :mad:

    your on my ignore list now, damn after I helped you in another three threads yesterday :(

    see you also like pasting peoples threads about news and applications, hmmm :mad:

    F£B :rolleyes:
  6. Hey filth_£_boy..so what if i have been asking the same questions elsewhere...just keeping my options open thats all theres no harm in that m8:mad: i may find answers here or elsewhere or vice versa...so what the problem with that huh:mad:

    Just sharing with ppl the knowledge that has been passed down:mad: and if i paste it here in this forum there is nothing wrng with that..so STOP throwing out YOUR DOLL:D
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    ntuser.dat is a system file, ask anyone to do a search for it and you will find it...hell go to morpheus and type in ntuser.dat and you'll even get hits since some people share their whole HD's

    you should have Ntuser.dat
    and Ntuser.dat.log

    you'll have one listed for each username, plus one in defaultuser, localservice, and networkservice

    Trust me...it's not trailer.mpg, just cause it says it is in that folder and the only file you are seeing is ntuser.dat

    I can even tell you the contents of the ntuser.dat file if you like, it contains such info as the type of WinXP install was done, time of user acct creation

    standardserverupgrade = "no"
    winntupgrade = "no"
    win9xupgrade = "no"
    win31upgrade = "no"
    sourcepath = "\device\cdrom0\"
    floppyless = "0"
    msdosinitiated = "0"

    is an example, and it also contains some of your personal settings like display, icon size and spacing

    So it Definitely IS NOT trailer.mpg
  8. thx Qumahlin i see your point, and you are correct.

    thx mate

    cypm in 10 mins
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    Can't you just right-click it and cut the file out of the search results window and paste it somewhere you can find it?:rolleyes: