I be having device driver problems

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Son Goku, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. Son Goku

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    Was playing a game, when my computer blue screened and rebooted. Got the attached STOP... Looking it up, all I got was that the computer, the kernel, whatever was "stuck in device driver"

    What driver is the cause unknown, though I had updated all that needed a more recent driver, then cleaned out the prefetch folder quite recently...

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  2. Perris Calderon

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    paste the error into google, see if it shows up

    also, contrary to what supposed experts have said, there are plemty of people that can read a memory dump...turn mini dump bacj on on if you dissabled it and make sure you know where the dump is going if it happens again
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  3. Son Goku

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    Thanks. Though I had already done, which is where I got the info about "stuck in device driver". The page I googled too didn't have much info on that STOP message however (guess it's perhaps not one of the more common ones).

    Still, other sites might have some additional info on the other parameters which accompanied the STOP. Moments before it happened, my computer froze up as I couldn't move my mouse in game, then recovered momentarily, then that. Not sure that would help isolate which driver faulted. With all updated drivers, not sure how much I could really do howver.

    As to the dump, I don't think I changed anything from the defaults on this install wrt that, and had gotten the directory details before closing out and letting it upload the error report to MS.
  4. bush dogg

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    If this only happens playing a game or under heavy use I would say it’s memory or video driver related maybe video card going bad.

    If you have just updates the video card drivers in the near past try rolling them back a version or two.
  5. sandeepparekh

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    i had the same problem mate. ever since changing the case and hence more ventiliation...no problems touchwood!!! so im guessing its a heat problem, but then again it may have just been luck that changing the case stopped this, don't take my word as gospel! overheating maybe something to look into...
  6. LeeJend

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    The bad news is that could be anything that uses a device driver LAN, video, MB, sound, etc. The ugliest one I ever had was a sound card that was dying. Kept getting worse for months.

    So start one step at a time and rule stuff out.
    -Turn off sound, see if it stops.
    -Shut down the LAN and play the game offline to rule out the LAN.
    -Video gets ugly, you have to find another card to use.

    You could also run a burn in on one funciton at a time using Sandra and see if any cause a crash.

    If you are overclocking make sure the AGP/PCI clocks are at 66/33 mhz respectively. Add in cards do not like any overclocking of their buses.