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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Leo154, Jun 17, 2003.

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    why is it that when i put hyper-threading on my Creative PCI Blaster Modem v.90 does not work and when i take it off (HT) it does work ?
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    yeah right... my friend has the latest 800MHz Gigabyte board, 865G chipset. and we got latest drivers. when he tried my modem, a 3com, it worked fine, with HT enabled. and having HT off is not an option. :(
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    Tell me something... If someone buys the lastest mobo or whatever, why would they not want to use it to the full extent?
    There wouldn't be any point in getting a mobo with HT if they're not gona use it. :p
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    yes... so i'll just wait for someone ELSE to reply to the topic.

    someone who can help my "fake" modem.
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    ming: exactly
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    ming: exactly. i can see you're smart
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    Be grateful that Enyo is trying to help you Leo. He's correctly identified the problem, and how to fix it, what more do you want?
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    oh enyo! i'm so sorry... i guess i'm just pissed.. tho it isnt even my computer...