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  1. Heya all. I didn't really want to use Object Dektop etc, cos they seem to be more trouble than they're worth. All I wan't to do it have my html file as desktop wallpaper, with an image map which links to my programs.

    here's what it looks like :D :

    The problem is that
    a) when i click on the links, it opens IE briefly, then offers the open/save dialogue
    b) it won't even get that far with programs i need command line variables for, eg counterstrike (hl.exe -console -game cstrike). it just comes up with a 'page cannot be displayed' in IE

    does anyone know how i can the programs to run off my desktop?

    please? :confused:
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    I also would like to know how to do this..... I have made a couple webpages and I would LOVE to make one for my desktop that would be awesome! As far as Desktop X and object x and whatnot go... they use ram, and they are way too complicated to make one for you, and all the ones available for download suck because they are made for someone else...
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    For the second problem, perhaps you could link to a shortcut with those attributes?
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    web desktop

    The first thing to do is creat a folder to store your web page e.g the bliss.avi file and any other images you want to use and call your folder Deskpage
    The next bit is to create the HTML I used Frontpage 2002. Create a new web page and save it as desktop.html
    Now you need to incorporate the images. In frontpage click on insert/picture/video then select your file you saved earlier. this will display a static image
    Click on the HTML tab underneath the image to see the coding go to the paragragh tag<p> where you'll see the file name of your imagewith the command to open the file and a setting in pixels
    It will play only once so you need to make it loop to do this after "fileopen add loop="infinate"

    The movie width and height settings need to matck your display settings
    now right click on your desktop /properties select desktop tab click on cistomizeand select web tab click on new followed by browse and find your desktop html file click open then ok
    Under the list of web pages you'll that your file is checked click ok then apply then ok and go!
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    New York
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    SWEET:D :D

    Ok now I just gotta make my menus.....
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    ok so how do i create links on desktop to launch my computer and other programs and files without it asking me if i want to save or open?
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    great! i used your example to display the bliss.avi in a webpage. now how do i get rid of scroll bars when viewing web page on desktop? And make my icon text background transparent again? and make it so i can right-click on the desktop to access display properties again! aaaack! I can't even attach a screenshot 'cause the .avi won't capture! lol

    any hints would be appreciated. great tip, joansfella! gotta make this work!
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    you wont get your icons on the desktop. Because what you have now is a web page so your normal desktop wont work as such
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    try altering res. to get rid of scroll bars
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    madmatt: I hope that you are still planning on letting all of us unenlightened folk [read: me :)] know how you did that, i'd really love to have something similar up for my desktop.