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Discussion in 'Web Design & Coding' started by JeremyT, Dec 4, 2003.

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    How would I change the temp upload directory for PHP scripts to a directory where I have permission to change the permissions on the folder?

    Right now, I can upload the file, but do not have permission to move it once its uploaded to a directory in my site. Virtual Host for your info.
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    htaccess might not be your answer here, as far as I know that only allows you password protect folders. I'm kinda of confused as to what you want to do, cant you ftp into your site and move what you want where you want.
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    What he wants is to change PHP's variable for the temp directory, to a directory where he has access to, so that he can then move the files to the appropriate location.

    j79zlr, that is not correct. With htaccess you can do a lot more, if the modules are installed, like:

    and a lot of other neat things, it not just for adding password protection :)

    @thread starter: I will look around to see if i can find what you want, i have not done it myself.