HP x-fi sound card?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by HellyHans, Mar 5, 2007.

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    It appears to be an OEM part for HP computers. Otherwise there is no difference.
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    OEM - No manual, no support, no cables, probably no CD or a CD that may only install into an HP machine, no or minimal warantee.

    Or it could be the identical card as the retail SB x-fi with an HP sticker glued on over the SB sticker. Only way to know for sure is to buy one and try it. For $55 it is tempting but be prepared to get a card that is not useable.

    If you buy it post back and let us all know how it goes!

    These cards can come from multiple sources:
    -HP messed up and ordered too many and is now surplussing them.
    -The manufacturer guessed wrong, made too many and HP doesn't want them.
    -There is something wrong with them and HP quality control rejected the lot.
    -An HP reseller went broke and they were sold at auction.
    -A truck load was stolen and they are being fenced through ebay.
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    Well I bought a real X-FI instead, so I guess we will never know.
    I just wanted to know if some people knew more info on these cards.

    If its to cheap to be real.. then its most likely "cheap"
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    In the past, HP Creative cards were genuine and used generic SB drivers. But you're right, you'll almost certainly not get a driver disc. Easy solution, find a HP model that uses the card and download the driver from the support site.