hp support is excellant!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Perris Calderon, Jan 8, 2008.

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    new york
    everyone knows I've been having my shaere of problems with vista

    I am led to believe it's hardware not the os, I thought it was the hardrive since it would not even write dump files at times

    now I think it's a processor issue as well since sometimes the bios won't even launch

    the freezing has gotten out of hand lately, the screen starts to get horizontal lines, color fades, I have to force the computer off, then come back and hour or two later to start it

    if I try to start it right there, nothing, a few lights come on but no fan, no bios, no screen

    got on line with hp, they're gonna pick it up and figure it out, but the it guy also searched up the drivers for me if I want to switch to xp!

    did it on his own, hp does not support the downgrade but the it guy went out of his way, took about a half hour to find all the drivcers I needed and gave me the downloads

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    My cousin had an HP laptop with Vista Home Premium installed, some stuff just didn't work. It would work and then it wouldn't, wireless stopped working, then would start again and other random freezes. They took the laptop back and replaced it, the new one seems to be fine. They didn't hassle at all and replaced it within a week.

    Personally I find working with Vista an absolute nightmare. Hardware or not, the OS should be able to report what is going wrong and not obscure it. The problem is that with it "locked down" like it is, it is hard to get to low levels and fix. Vista is better at preventing spyware infections, but with creative end users that get it on there, it can be troublesome to remove.
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    I've found HP support to be a bit of good and a bit of bad. The corporate CarePac support is excellent.. of course, you pay up the nose for it (granted, we get 24x7x4hr response time). We've had hard drive and boards show up at our door in as little as an hour after calling it in.

    Their support for their deskop/laptops can be touch and go depending on who you end up getting a hold of. Some of their support reps are great and getting stuff swapped and replace is a breeze. Others are barely understandable and make you go through hell to get anything replaced/fixed.