HP Printer woes on Home LAN

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by MegaHurts, Mar 24, 2002.

  1. MegaHurts

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    Have Win XP with HP P1100 Deskjet photo printer connected to two other PCs running Win 98se via Linksys hub. Have been able to send print jobs to XP/P1100 PC from two other remote PC running Win98se for months with no problems. However, now whenever I send print jobs from either of the Win 98 PCs to the WinXP/HP 1100 I get "There was an error writing to \\Micron\\hphotos.. There is a problem printing to the network resource because the network is busy". Output starts on the HP1100 with a few lines printed and then stops with the above error message. HP 1100 works fine on host machine.

    Made no changes in the network settings I'm aware of.
    Can exchange files, view systems, etc. among the networked systems and view printers on each system.
    Can send print jobs from the XP PC to the Win 98 PC with an HP 979cxi printer with no problems.
    Unistalled and Reinstalled HP P1100 latest XP drivers.
    Unistalled and reinstalled HP 970cxi Win 98 drivers on client PCs
    Tried renaming XP host PC
    Tried renaming printer on network


    WTF...Any suggestions???
  2. jwible

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    Does error path read \\Micron\\hphotos or \\Micron\hphotos? If first then it is a path problem.
  3. MegaHurts

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    Path is correct:

    writing to "\\MICRON\hpphotos" which is the correct path to the printer

    Print job starts and then stops with the error notice.....

    About the only other thing I've noticed is that it takes a while to get response from the other PCs when "viewing other workgroup PCs" on the XP PC although I have no probs getting responses to the other PCs folders, files etc...

    Thanks for taking the time...
  4. MegaHurts

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    Solved this annoying problem

    In summary, for each client PC, changed the HP p1100 from default printer to alternative printer, rebooted, and then switched HP p1100 back to default printer.

    Have no idea why this worked except it appeared that the XP machine was attempting to use the HP P1100 XP driver when sending jobs from client PCs runing Win98.

    Hope this helps others