HP Deskjet 895C series

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by angel5, Oct 1, 2002.

  1. angel5

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    Hi everyone

    Can anyone tell me where to get a driver for the above printer that is compatable with XP.

    This is my first every printer and it has been given to me, so it is quite old.

    Glad of any help

  2. Nick M

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  3. Nick M

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    I couldn't find anything for XP, I doubt there are any out, but, doesn't win xp auto recoginize it? I got a lazer jet 5l, it's broken in the first place, but XP recongize it still. Did you try that?
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  5. AKHeero

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    XP has drivers for most HP printers already. It had them for my deskjet 722C. Just try hooking the printer up to your computer and see, you'll know if it has them or not. Just glancing at some of the printers XP lists under Add Printer, it has a few 895 printers listed.
  6. Waldo

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    Akheero is right, the HP site says XP has drivers for both models of 895 printer.
  7. Nick M

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    So there. :) you got your drivers
  8. angel5

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    Thanks everyone

    it,s now up and and running. I aws trying to install it through the disc that came with the printer and it said not compatable with XP.

    But then XP wizard took over and installed it fine. It does help to no what you are doing though.

    You live and learn, thanks again everyone.