How to use System Restore?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mattg1981, May 21, 2002.

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    Hey yall .. after about the millionth time of reformatting and installing all the updates .... I finally have my computer running exactly the way I want it ... and I always seem to find a way to mess it up somehow that makes me have to reformat again (either by messing with a setting here .. or downloading and installing a file that I end up not wanting and it just hangs around in the registry and hidden files deep inside of windows, etc).

    At any rate ... I here so much about system restore but I dont even know where it is on my computer let alone how to use it. Does it work the way I am thinking and it takes a 'snapshot' of how my computer is at that time and I can roll back to that point whenever I want to? I have Go Back .. but it wasnt everything that I thought it was going to be .. running in the background and such, causing horrendous boot times ... etc.

    Can anyone help me out a bit here with this system restore? Thanks for helping!

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    Just goto start, all programs, accessories, system tools, then choose system restore. it is pretty self explanatory. system restore takes snapshots of files during driver changes big reg changes etc and allows you to roll back to previous dates of say the driver messed other core stuff up.

    once you get in the system restore app the wizard is pretty straightforward.
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    this'll be one of the most usefull things someone like you can do..create a desktop shortcut for system restore...then, whenever you're about to make a change of anykind, hit the shortcut first, and when prompted, make sure you name it something like you'll remember, like "before fujiynewbi" .

    to make the shortcut, right click on an open area on your desktop, then follow the instructions for creating a new shortcut, when the wiz askes for a target,


    paste that in there...if you don't know how to paste, let us know, and someone'll give the instructions