How to use a pad xml File?

Discussion in 'Web Design & Coding' started by Kush, Nov 17, 2007.

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    Hey guys, i have become a mirror for spybot recently and i wanted to have a download page for spybot since im only listed in the program as of now, so the spybot team told me that to update the file name automatically on my download page i have to use their pad xml file, in my html or something like that anyone know how to do that?

    this is what they said exactly,
    "there is a standard for solving this exact problem. It is called PAD and we
    already use it with some of our mirrors. It works as follows:

    - contains a description of our program
    in the PAD XML format
    - whenever a new version of Spybot-S&D is released, this file is updated

    So all you need to do is poll this file in certain intevals (e.g. once per
    day) and evaluate its content.

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    Basically you need to parse the XML of that file to get the program version and release date so you can tell if you need to download the latest copy of their installer or whatever. In the XML is also information on where to get your copy.