How to stop media player?

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  1. Reinstalling it self?
    Also relevant to this thread.
    Mostly the same thing I can't stop it taking back over I have uninstalled it from the new control panel it is unticked in there. I have Jet Audio Assigned in folder options clearly I can see this. Yet double click and audio file Up Come Media Player instead of Jet Audio I want. There are No File Associations for it in Media Player Yet still it is there.
    Delete it out the folder and IMMEDIATELY windows puts it back, rename the folder to Read only No Difference.
    More control NO WAY/:
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    It keeps reinstalling itself after you have unticked it from Add/Remove windows companants?

    MS seems to have messed up one of the major points of SP1
  3. The box is a clean install not upgrade sp1 slipstreamed.
    The only thing that has gone seems to be Netscape I noticed that was there I got rid of it and that has never come back!!
    I have tried all I know to disassociate music files from media player and to no avail it just keeps coming back, there is nothing ticked at all in it. And as soon as you open the new control panel is seems windows take back over.
    I don't normally feel the need to come here on the board I feel quite competent in Po's but this seems more like a beast with it's own mind than ever I thought possible. I used to use Kaspersky as a virus checker I had task bar failures and hangs with that the only one that seem to run against my better judgment is Norton 2003, that I thought I would never go back to.
    As I look now at a folder that is open on my desktop I see the icons to Jet Audio I see the files open with in folder options Jet Audio Double click and up comes Media Player 8.