How to set up my cell phone as a modem via infrared port for dial-up connection

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Northmavercik, Jan 14, 2006.

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    I have a problem here. My cell phone (Nokia 6101) is supposed to work as a modem via infrared port according it's features description. I have downloaded an apropriate driver from Nokia official web site and set it up. Windows is able to determine it as a modem now whenever it's connected via infrared port, but when I start Modem Query through Device Manager, Modem Properties it gives me the message that the modem is not connected properly, hence my dial-up connection can't dial the number (Windows can't query modem, but able to see it at the same time). What can I do to set my dial-up connection using my cell phone (Nokia 6101) as a modem via Infrared port with apropriate driver?
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    that's a phone specific protocol, I don't know anyone that's done it, but according to nokia it's doable

    you'll either need someone who has it and has contacted customer care and gone through the steps or call customer care on your own.

    post back if you get to do it with instructions