How to set a Router as a hub

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Sinster, Apr 20, 2006.

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    I have an old NetGear 814v2 that I would like to setup as a hub. This is what I'm trying to do. I have a CCTV stand Alone DVR and would like to view it from a computer and record to computer if need be. These are the options I have in the DVR

    Client Access Enable [Yes]
    DHCP ON [NO]
    Subnet Mask
    MAC Address

    All the computers on the system are assigned ip's. Where the DVR is at I have to use a hub and I don't have a hub. I'm using a Belkin Pre-N router as my router. I filled out the information in the DVR as though I was setting up a computer on the Network. For some reason I can't access it.

    I think my problem that I added a IP to the router that I want to use as a hub.
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    Make sure you ARE N0T using the Internet Port (also labelled WAN). Just use the uplink port, if there isn't a uplink then the ports MAY be auto detect the cable setup.

    Since you don't need to access the web config when using it as a switch I won't go into setting that up (just need to change the IP (one thats used to access the config) of the router to an unused IP on your network, ex.