How to save the world.

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Freddyforum, Oct 28, 2004.

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    I hava a solution!

    Lets plant hemp and save the world.

    I Mean read the two first chapters:

    What if every oil company in the whole world starts to produce industrial Hemp?
    They could make cheep food for the starving, ceep housing, even OIL! and so on.
    Hemp has immense potensial! just read it and weep, and its all FACTS

    So if you have any common sence or intellect at all, you will see how once again the hemp plant can save the human spicies from certain death, becasue if we ceep on killing the planet (and I'm not a tree-huggin hippe, I'm a normal person concerned for my future children and theyre children, I'm conserned with the future of mankind.)
    we will eventually kill ourselves.
    The hemp plant will undo all the bad things we have done since the 1850's. HONEST! (well, except killing eachother and agreeing with and backing up leaders that promotes this.)
    Its scientificly a fact.
    Or will you have the people of 3404, look back at these ages as the Neo Dark Ages?

    C'mon poltiticians! You at least say that you care about us, (us = 99% of the worlds population, thats controlled by youre 1% of superheroes) please show it to us.
    Why is it illegal to produce Industrial Hemp ? (no, you get no high from this plant)
    Make this planet once more accsessible to our spicies.

    This can save the world, you can't argue that.

    What do you say, fellow human?
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    the fastest way to save the world is to get bush out of office and getting kerry to agree to all the envronmental protection treaties, and to reinstate all the laws recinded by bush that cliniton put in place to curb us emissions.

    THen you can worry about ecowarrior stuff like that.
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    I dissagree, I say eliminate any possiblility of either Bush or Kerry from ever becoming president and get a real president who is not a pussy, indecisive, or a nutjob, will not take kickbacks from corporate america. Unfortunatly, I think we would have to clone a president like that, ooops, it is illegal. Go figure!