How to run with out cd...?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by psx2000, Sep 18, 2003.

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    How do i run games with out always having to input the cd?

    I wanted to know what would be a good program to use to do this? I have seen a lot of internet cafes in my area using a program called " cheating death"

    I wanted to know seeing i got a ton of newer pc games , i.e Unreal 2003, Battle Feild, MOHAA, UT2,CS, WAR 3 etc.etc,

    Thank You for the help!
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    I posted a couple of free programs that'll do the trick for you

    search in the "great free programs" thread, it's toward the end

    or try the search engine in from ntfs, and click "list as posts,
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    I believe this is what he speaks of, I recommend it too.

    Daemon Tools Homepage
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    I use DAEMON Tools, its great becasue for my laptop. I dont have to carry cds around with me. I made ISO images of the cd's I need and when I need them I load them into the DAEMON Tool's virtual DVD-ROM. ITs the perfect tool, expecially for laptop users.
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