how to run java program using WINE?

Discussion in 'Linux & BSD' started by @n!e, Aug 3, 2003.

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    hi, can anyone of u tell me how to run java program( e.g. : mychat application is developed on java which consists of .dll file).
    May i know how to run it, if i've already install WINE on my linux(mandrake)??

    thanks in advance.:confused: :confused:
  2. @n!e

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    need to clear doubts on wine before installing

    i'm new to WINE for linux. May i know if i 1 to install it, what are the components that i need/compulsory for me to run windows application(my chat program written on java which is type file are such as .dll n .exe/.jar) on linux??

    what's the different between wine & winelib?? which of this that is recommended me to install??

    More advice on what i need to know b4 i install.

    thanks in advance. :confused:
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