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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by saalash, Mar 21, 2002.

  1. saalash

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    Im trying to take off xp pro from my computer and i cant figure out how. Can someone please give me some steps to follow to unistall xp because i want to put 2000 home ed on. Thanks
  2. Eproxus

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    Use a boot disk, or the WinXP cd... if the cd is yer choice, select system recovery, that will bring up an DOS-prompt. Just type "format ?:" there... /where "?" is you target drive, of course! :)
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    how do i make a boot disk in xp
  4. saalash

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    how do i make a boot disk in xp
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    In A Quandary
    I used Win98

    I re-formatted and partitioned recently and used my WIN98 boot disk to perform this. I could not (due to my ignorance) find a way to make the appropriate XP boot disk. Microsoft's download website has a download is for some type of boot disk (for XP home and pro) but I have not fooled with it.
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    just use a boot disk from win 98, u can find one at
    and then format your c:. and afterward type fdisk /mbr to restore a proper mbr. this should fix your prob