how to partition??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dayneh88, Jul 3, 2002.

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    hey everyone,
    i need anyone and everyones help with this problem because i have never be taught how to partition a drive, i was hoping that some of you could help me, heres what i need:

    i have a 20gig hdd and i have used 10 of that so far, so i have 10 left and what i want to do is to cut of 3 or 4 gig to a seperate drive for backup space so that when i format the disk all i have to do is copy everything to the second partition and then i can format with no problems on the other 6-8 gig left. Is that possible or am i way out of my reach on this.

    Your help would be grately appreciated,
  2. Xp Professional Tech Guy and cant use disk manager? its the most basic nt tool.......

    open it click on unused space and create a partition. full instructions are in technet or help........
    in nt (xp) other than original partition which you set up during load it is the only(best) way to work with all disks
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    Use Partition Magic, then just put in you partition and it will automatically ask you what knid of format, etc you want on the second one. Partition Magic is the best.
  4. if its just unused disk space you can do it right in xp no apps needed

    select,size,commit,quick format....ready to go