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    This is a great tutorial and walk-through on networking. It explains a lot, very clearly, explains a few different options in different areas of networking, and should answer many "How do I network..." questions. Check it out here
    This is a write-up that JJB6486 did that will soon be posted to the site.

    Also see these articles for more information on specific features from MS.
    Home networking guide
    How to create user accounts
    Internet Connection Firewall
    Troubleshoot Home Networking with XP
    Internet Connection Sharing
    File Sharing & Permissions in XP

    This explains the setup of ZoneAlarm/ZoneAlarm Pro
    XP File Sharing
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    Please also post valuable links that you have found for networking XP, as well as 2K/NT/ME/98/95/Linux/anything else. I will take those links and incorporate them into the parent post and give the poster credit for the link.
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    Basic Networking How-To

    Here is a basic networking how-to guide for setting up a simple LAN for file sharing:

    It will be posted to the networking section of the main site when the admin has the time to upload it.