how to move the program files directory

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by zerostealth, Apr 26, 2002.

  1. zerostealth

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    How can I change the program files directory, so that by default it would install programs on another drive? i would really appreciate your help..
  2. Dirk Diggler

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    This is best done on a newly installed O.S.
    Open up the Registry by clicking "Start", "Run" and typing Regedit and clicking "OK".
    Make sure HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE is highlighted and click "Edit" on the toolbar then click "Find".
    In the box that pops up type
    Regedit will find it, so double-click the word and type in the box the new address you would like.
    Above ProgramFilesDir is another word called
    double-click this word and type in the same address as you did for ProgramFilesDir, but include "Common Files" at the end.

    Continue searching for ProgramFilesDir, there should be at least 4 of them. Change all of them and all of the CommonFilesDir then re-boot and all newly installed programmes will default to that new location.
    You will of course still be offered an alternative.
    Any programmes you installed prior to this change may need to be re-configured.
  3. zerostealth

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    Thank you very much.. i really appreciate your help. I was looking in the registry for Program File Dir, and not the thing written together :) thx again.
  4. Khayman

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    I beleive that TweakUI allows you to change the location also
  5. roberto

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    Tweak UI

    Yeah your right, you need PowerToysXP, when you open TweakUI
    select Special Folders and from the drop down select Installation path, from there just browse to the different location and OK!

    I think this is right, as i'm doing it from memory at the mo.

    good luck;)
  6. stuy_b

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    does that work for My documents folder & profiles.. I'd really like to move the doc&settings folder with the profiles etc to another drive.
  7. mcdruid

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    If you just want to move the My Documents folder you can right click on it (either on your desktop if you have it showing there, or on the XP Start Menu), and choose Properties. There's an option to move the target folder - to another drive if you want.

    Not so sure about the Documents and Settings folder with profiles in it though.
  8. madmatt

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    New York
    After viewing the settings you are able to change for folder locations using Tweak-XP and Tweak UI I do not think it is possible to move the location of the entire "Documents and Settings" folder. I think to do this you would have to edit a lot more than one value/key and it is probably not worth your time. Good luck.
  9. stuy_b

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    Arse!! lol :(